Thursday, November 22, 2007

November 20, 2007

Max meets
Iron Chef

Max impressed Bobby Flay with his faux hawk hair style and his mom and aunt impressed the Iron Chef with their paletas.

The Food Network came to do a story on Las Paletas. The surprise twist was that the show was really Throwdown with Bobby Flay. While mom and Aunt Norma were demonstrating how to make paletas, Iron Chef Bobby Flay snuck in and surprised the two sisters.

About 50 friends, family and Las Paletas customers gathered at dad's cafe Fido for the event.

The Paz sisters were up to the Throwdown challenge. Bobby Flay all but admitted defeat when he first tasted a Las Paletas. "This is f*&@ing good," he said. Later, after tasting his own pomegranate-sangria pospsicle against the sisters pineapple-chili paleta, Bobby held up the local product and declared "This is just better."

Can't say who the judges picked. You'll have to tune in when the show airs (now scheduled for July).

The Food Network taping capped off a busy week. The family started to get ready for it's big Cancun trip (see next week's entry). Also, Grandma Sue came in for a visit.

Max started to play soccer this week. Previously all balls were to be thrown or shot like basketballs. Max did know how to throw a football, shoot a basketball and throw a baseball. However, up until this week he didn't kick any balls.

Mom also rotated his toys around. She puts a box of toys in the basement and occasionally rotates the toys. When she pulled out some of the old toys it was interesting to see how Max has developed. He know pushes the buttons and pulls the levers that before he just hit randomly. Besides balls, his favorites still seem to his big car, his blocks and anything he can play when sitting in his chair at his table.


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